To Facebook … or Not to Facebook?: that is the question

Have you noticed all the precautions on Facebook lately?  Ughhh, they are literally driving me crazy.  I have been using Facebook for about 12 years now.  When I first signed up, I signed up as a regular, everyday citizen that wanted to keep in touch with my family and friends.  Today, I am signed up as an aspiring author and I share my crime opinions with my audience and I share my blog like this one with my family and friends.  They have been some joyful years.  I have cried with my friends during the worst parts of their lives; and they have cheered me on through some tough years of my own.   Today, I talk to people that I haven’t always gotten along with in my past.  As a matter of fact, if you ask them, they would agree that we didn’t play well in the sandbox together.  I think it is awesome that we have such an app that we can overcome our past and bring our lives full circle and make friends with people that ordinarily, we wouldn’t have given a 2nd thought to.

Well, I want those people to know, (and you know who you are), I now consider you an important part of my life.  Thank you for being a part of my life and my Facebook.

Back to what I was saying.  It aggravates me that the government is giving Mark Zuckerburg such a hard time.  When I signed up for Facebook 12 years ago, (keep in mind, I can’t remember yesterday, much less a document from 12 years ago), I can assure you, I never read the Privacy Policy.  I know this because I rarely, if ever read the privacy policy of any app that I use.  No, that probably isn’t the wisest thing I have ever done, (checking the little box stating I read and understand the privacy police on all apps without reading it), but I am sure if you ask Donald Trump if he read it, he would tell you an emphatic “NO” he didn’t read it either.  According to Michael Wolfe’s book, Fire and Fury: The Trump White House, Trump can’t read, so I know for a fact he didn’t read it if what Wolfe says is true, (I know, that was probably cheating … ok, it might have been a low blow also).  But, do you see my point.  No one reads those policies; and even if they did, could you honestly say you understood it?  NO, you couldn’t because there is so much legal jargon in there, no one can understand it except an attorney.

Every day I hear people saying they are dumping Facebook because they don’t like the privacy policies and how their info is distributed.  Really?  Have you gone freakin’ mad?  If your info is distributed, I can assure you, it has nothing to do with the privacy policies of Facebook.  It might be because you put your phone number on Facebook for all to see.  It might also be because you tell some of the most personal and private things about yourself on Facebook.  You would be amazed how easy it is for someone to follow someone’s posts on Facebook and know everything about that person.  It isn’t Facebook spreading our info.  It is us spreading our info.  I spend several hours a week “creeping” on other peoples Facebook that don’t even have me as a friend.  Then you also have the trolls out there that are only out there to fish.

CREEPING:  Following what is going on in someone’s life by watching their status messages on Instant Messengers such as MSN, and their updates to their social networking profiles on websites like Facebook or MySpace. Akin to stalking in the real world, but usually done to people who are your friends that would normally share this information with you, however you’re just too busy to keep up conversation with them.


TROLLING:  (verb), as it relates to internet, is the deliberate act, (by a Troll – noun or adjective), of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke an emotional knee jerk reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument
Trolling on-line forums as described above is actually analogous to the fishingtechnique of “trolling”, where colorful baits and lures are pulled behind a slow moving boat, often with multiple fishing lines, covering a large bodies of water, such as a large lake or the ocean. The trolling lures attract unsuspecting fish, intriguing them with the way they move through the water, thus enticing these foolish fish to “take the bait”. Not unlike unsuspecting internet victims, once hooked, the fish are reeled in for the catch before they realize they have been duped by the Troll/Fisherman

Leave Zuckerburg alone.  We are failures of our own domain.  He had nothing to do with it.  All he done was gave us a device in which it makes it easier to for us to lose control.  Now that you lost control … or rather, someone made you think you lost control, you are going to blame the app that you have enjoyed all these years?  What does that say about you?




I don’t like to compare tragedies like these because I feel every experience deserves its own coverage without all the fluff of other stories.  However, I would like to talk about mental illness for a moment.  It always amazes me how mental illness is treated and how the sick respond to that treatment.

Nikolas Cruz went into a school in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 and shot up a school that he used to attend.  He killed 17 and wounded 14 others.  He rode in an Uber to the school and went into the school; pulled the fire alarm so that the students would start rushing out into the hall; and started firing.  The Mayor of Broward County Florida said that Cruz was dealing with mental health issues, but he wouldn’t elaborate any further, except to say he received treatment and stopped.  The family he lived with was under the impression that the only issues he was dealing with was depression because he never showed any anger.  However, he had been in trouble at school on numerous occasions for fighting.

Adam Lanza went into a school where his mother worked in Newtown on December 14,2012 and killed 26 and wounded 2 (counting only students and staff … not counting his mother at home that he killed before leaving the house and his suicide after the shooting).  In the aftermath, they learned that Lanza suffered from Depression, Anxiety, Asperger’s syndrome, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (all of which are controllable with proper medication).

The problem in the nation today is not gun control … it is how we deal with mental illness.  Trump, right out of the gate on this last shooting starting preaching (every speech he gives sounds more like preaching to me) that it wasn’t guns, it was mental illness.  To a point, he is right, but what has he done to help this situation?  Obama would also speak about mental illness in the midst of tragedies such as this … again, what did he do about it?  Please understand, I am not saying we need more background checks on mental illness to purchase guns … as a matter of fact, I am not even referring to gun control or any aspect of it.  My focus is on mental illness and that solitary aspect of one’s life.

We all must deal with mental illness today.  We have war vets coming home with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder); we have family members and friends that are addicted to drugs and alcohol; and we have older loved ones being diagnosed with dementia.  It’s out there people and whether you admit you are dealing with it or not, you are … or you’re not, and in that case, you are one of the ones in the tragedies merely waiting for the next catastrophe.

Let me give you a small history lesson.  Mary Ann Todd Lincoln, wife to President Abraham Lincoln, suffered from a mental illness all her life that was diagnosed as a cerebral palsy after her death (but this was back between 1818-1882, medical knowledge wasn’t that advanced yet).  She was a very unpopular first lady; but I imagine that was because of the mental illness (which was really Cerebral Palsy) she suffered from.  People also probably shunned her because of her use of over the counter drugs that contained opioids and alcohol (which is a very common form of treating mental illness in the 19th century).  How quick people back then were to judge.

I have another one for you, what about Albert Einstein?  He was an absolutely genius … but everyone around him thought he was mental retarded.  He too was shunned (which is probably good, because he had plenty of time to come up with the theory of relativity and focus on philosophical science).

My point is this, they shunned Mary Ann Todd Lincoln in the 1800’s and they shunned Einstein in the early 1900’s.  Still today, in the 21st century, we are afraid to deal with people who are mentally ill.  It is almost like we are going to catch what is wrong with them if we get to close to them.  How we deal with them is so vitally important to the outcome.  Lincoln went on to marry a President.  Einstein went on to discover the Theory of Relativity.  What was the difference?  Could it be that they had more support than the mentally ill today?  Maybe the 18th and 19th Centuries weren’t “throw-a-way societies”, where everything and everyone is disposable.

Rosalyn Carter is the only First Lady that has every tried to get something done about mental illness while her husband, Jimmy Carter, was in office and beyond.  We need more people to stand up and change how we deal with them.  This is one part of the system that needs a major overhaul of reform.  We need more beds available.  We need the police to be willing to haul people to the hospital when a loved one calls the police and says, “Please take them to the hospital, they are sick, they need help”.  Instead, right now, if you call the police on a loved one that is acting “crazy”, most likely, that person will spend that night and possibly more in jail.  The police will charge them with unruly conduct or whatever; just to get them out of everyone’s way at that particular moment.  Why not take them to the hospital first and have a 10-13 done on them?  Why not find out what the problem is and search for a solution?  Because, that would take too long and no one has any time for that.

One thing I thought was interesting when comparing Newtown and Parkland, was how the shooter carried out his rampage.  Adam Lanza in Newtown started at home with his mother, the only person he lived with.  Nikolas Cruz started and finished at the school, and he saw everyone he lived with that day: his host Mom, host Dad, and host brother.  Lanza was in mental health treatment since he was a young child; whereas, Cruz only dabbled in mental health treatment.  Adam Lanza committed suicide after the attacks; whereas, Cruz was caught an hour later and confessed to the shootings.

Could it be, Lanza felt like his mother was judging him?  Were there things that she done or said to him that made him kill her first?  His mother worked at the school where the shooting took place, is it possible she showed more love and concern for those kids to Lanza, than her own son who needed her?  I’m not victim blaming, but I don’t think all crime is a crime of evil … sometimes, I think a person is pushed to their wits end and society as a whole must suffer the consequences.  Is it possible, that he wanted to save her from all the heartache of what he was about to do?  Unfortunately, we will never know, but there might be things we can carry away from this.

Nikolas Cruz went straight to the school to start shooting people.  Witnesses say that he kept asking people where his host brother was or had anyone seen him.  The law community believes that it was because he wanted to make sure he didn’t get caught up in the cross fire.  That is how much Cruz cared about the people that took him in when no one else could handle him.  What did they do differently?  Was it the fact that he felt accepted for who he was when he was at home?  He didn’t feel judged and was given free reign to feel the way he was feeling at any given time.  There has to be a difference here and I have to believe that that difference is what will prevent future catastrophes from happening.  Cruz stayed in trouble at school.  He was getting into fights and getting suspended and expelled.  The student body thought he was a “odd”.  In a lot of the news reports, you can see where someone in this environment might have felt judged … almost bullied.

Have we became a society that doesn’t have any time for anyone else? We don’t care how you are feeling today … “speak your business and please move politely to the left or right out of my way.”   How many more mass shootings, school shootings, will we have if this kind of attitude keeps up?  The song group 4HIM sings a song called, Back to The Basics Of Life.  In that song, they talk about getting back to God and getting closer to HIM.  Personally, I am agnostic, but I can see the message they have.  Years ago people didn’t fire guns unless they felt threatened or harmed.  Today, we live in a society where the only one we are concerned about is ourselves.  No one in life matters any more.  We have mothers walking through grocery stores with earphones in, music blasting, and a kid pulling on their pant leg trying to get their attention.  We have teens, and adults in some cases, that need someone to be there for them, and when they look around, there is no one there.  I am a tough person and I have said many times, I don’t need anyone … but what if one day I did.  Oh, I have plenty of people around me that would in a heartbeat be there for me … I really don’t know what I would be capable of doing if I felt all alone … and then judged for how I was feeling.  If you are honest with yourself, you too know what I am talking about.

It is all in how we make the mentally ill feel that could be all the difference.  For the ones that truly need help, we need to get them a hospital where they and people around them can be safe.  There are not enough beds for the mentally ill today … no funding to put them in those beds … and the ones that are available, are to expensive (let’s face it, not a lot of mentally ill people are able to work … why, because they feel judged … thus the phrase, “going postal”).  So, you sit there on your social media, on your phone to your congressmen and senators, and you just yell it from the roof tops if you want to that these guns are killing people … in the meantime, I will be sitting here on my social media, on my phone with my congressmen and senators, and yelling it from the roof tops we need reform.  Let’s see who gets what done first.  Most likely, to pacify your request they will make another small minute change to the gun control and within a very short few months, another catastrophe is bound to happen.  Why?  Because we will still have people treating people the wrong way and people feeling cornered with no where else to turn.  Whereas, if they were to pacify me and my rantings, we might squelch one attempt at a mass shooting by nipping it in the bud.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.  It has taken me longer to write this one than anything I have written so far, but then again, I feel very compassionate about this subject.


Time To Deal With North Korea

I apologize for the long break in blog posts; I hope this one makes up for it.  In the news the past couple days has been Otto Warmbier; a college student that was enticed to go to North Korea “for an experience of a lifetime”.  That was a direct quote from his Dad that gave a statement to the news agencies on Thursday.  The parents are extremely upset at North Korea and our government for what happened to their son.


Warmbier went to North Korea because there was a travel agency that lures young adults to other countries and then they are mistreated.  As Otto Warmbier was boarding the plane to leave the country when the North Korean government apprehended him and charged him with the “war crime” of stealing a banner from a church.  He was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for that crime.

Warmbier arrived home 3 days ago in a coma.  According to the North Korean government, Warbier went into this coma soon after being sentenced.  Not one time was he allowed to go home for medical reasons.  The government nor the penial institution would inform his family of his medical state.  His family found out last week the condition that he was in.  Warmbier has been in a coma for 15 months and no one bothered to inform the family.

Our government was telling the parents to “lay low” and “be quiet” because “we don’t want to upset the North Korean government.

Ok, I have a problem with this!!!  “LAY LOW” “BE QUIET” “DON’T UPSET NORTH KOREA”!!!  Really? If this was the only thing that North Korea was doing that might need addressing, then that would be one thing … but it isn’t.  It is time that the American Government and People start taking a stand and letting North Korea know that we are not going to tolerate any more of their shenanigans.

In 2017 alone, North Korea has shot off 16 missiles that we know of.  In 2016, the year that Warmbier was arrested and sentenced, they shot off 8 missiles.  Over and over again, if you Google it, the America has warned North Korea to stop setting off missiles and yet they keep doing it.  Warmbier was arrested in March 2016 and in August 2016 North Korea set of a missile that could have reached the US if they so wanted.  Could this be why Warmbier’s family needed to “LAY LOW” or “BE QUIET”?  Why was this necessary.  If we were making moves to turn this around and bring Warmbier home, then I could understand such actions.  However, I don’t think that was it at all.  I think they needed to be quiet because we were likely to get bombed by them.  I know, listen, my family and I live here too.  I don’t want to be bombed any more than the next person, but when one of our people are captured, we don’t “lay low” either.  We go in as one to get them.

Grant it, we finally got Warmbier home, but I would like to know exactly who brought him home and how long did they actually work on doing so?  I agree with Warmbier’s Dad, “North Korea does nothing out of the goodness of their hearts”.  With that being known, it had to be someone else who convinced them to let him go.  With North Korea doing nothing good at any time, that means someone had to be talking to them.  I want to know how many times they were talked to and I want to know the extent of the conversation.  I want to know when those conversations started and how long they lasted and in what form they were in?  Is this too nosey?  I don’t think so.  We are talking about a country that has repeatedly refused to adhere to our warnings to stop firing missiles and I know they got those warnings because the news was always so proud to report when they launched one and what our response was … which usually amounted to nothing more than a hand over our mouth while saying “oh no you didn’t”.  It was time to act then and it has been time to act for a while.  When do we take our country serious again?  When do we do like Toby Keith says and “fight when you rattle our cage”.

Shout out to Trump, you want to make “America Great Again”, start with North Korea and get your mind of the Russian Probe … “matter”.  Isn’t that what you want it to be called … a matter?  Well, get off the “matter” and start focusing on real President stuff.  Yes, I hope you are impeached at the end, but for now, you are all we have that can take care of North Korea.  Show us your muscle and quit talking about it.


A woman in Lithia Springs, Georgia is outraged because of the Black History Month display in her 4-year-old son’s daycare (pictured above).  She does not think that white people should be on this display.  She went home and made a post about it on Facebook about how it outraged her and the creator of the display (which is also black), responded.  As usual, when you get into a debate on Facebook, the outcome is not always what we expect and by no means wanted.  Molden’s son was kicked out of the day care.  They simply told her that her son was unable to come back.  She sits in front of an interviewer for WSB-TV and explains her issue and why she took the stand she did.  She explained to the news anchor that black people only get one month out of twelve to be celebrated and she cannot understand why white people have to be a part of that celebration.

Well Kendra Molden, your outrage outrages me.  It is not like the creator of the display has every white person that has ever done anything significant in history on the display.  No, as a matter of fact, the people that she has put on the display are the exact people that she needed to have on the display.  Calm down a minute and let’s look at this a little closer.

Abraham Lincoln was directly involved with the slave issue and abolishing it.

John F. Kennedy (35th President) is the one that proposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  He is the exact reason you have the same rights as I do.  Which by the way, blacks had voting rights before women did.

Jimmy Carter (39th President) was the one to sign into law the Civil Rights of Institutionalized People.  This gave rights to the people that are locked up in prisons, hospitals, and other mental institutions.  When your people fought the good fight for Civil Rights, your fight went so much further than your race and Jimmy Carter is the one that brought that to light.

These were only a few of the men that outrage you.  Men that served your purpose as well as was moved mountains and walls for the common good of the people … both black and white.  I have to wonder if it would outrage them as much to know how little you know about your own history.  The creator of this display knows her history.  You should have been proud to have such a knowledgeable teacher at your son’s school.  Instead, you go home and blast the school and the teacher on Facebook.  Then you go to WSB-TV and ask them to share your story.  Kendra, I feel sorry for you.  I feel sorry for your son.  If I was you, the next time I get ready to blast someone on Facebook, I would do a little research first.

On a personal level, I have to ask you about your comment about one month out of twelve.  Yes, you have one Black History Month out of twelve; how many white history months do we have?  Do we have a Hispanic history month?  I work for Hindus, we do not have a Hindu month out of the year.  What gives black people the right to think this land is theirs and only theirs?  George Washington (President’s day), Martin Luther King, and Christopher Columbus (bet you don’t know why he has a day) all have celebrated days in a calendar year … not a month.  Since you know more history than I do and you know why the blacks deserve a whole month (because I do not know), please enlighten me.

If I was a black person, I would want to know why Jesse Jackson doesn’t have a day named for him.  What about Hosea Williams, does he not deserve a day for him?  These are two guys that were just as strong in the fight for Civil Rights and Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy.  I do not see you fussing that they were not on that display.  I understand your fight to where you are, but at some point you are going to have to let the past stay in the past.  You have the same rights as I do today.  We have everything in our hands to move forward and make this nation a better place … not only for blacks, but for whites also.  Do you think the slavery days did not hurt the whites?  Yes it did.  Because of what our ancestors did, people like you in your race will never let it drop and be able to move forward.  You will forever be stuck in the past and that will always cripple you and in this case your son.

I doubt you will ever see this blog Kendra Molden, but if you do, please feel free to contact me at any time.  I have my Facebook, Twitter, and email linked to my blog and I would sure love to talk to you.



My Views On The New Clinton Email Investigation (I know you are just dying to know)

Some of you are probably sitting back wondering what my take is on this newest investigation … and then some of you don’t care what I have to say about it because you think it would just be more justification for a con …

Well, here is my answer, regardless of what you think it is … I knew going into this that there were a lot of questions about her email server … I knew that there were questions about Benghazi … But people, she is the Secretary of State. Have you ever stopped and thought about what the responsibilities of the Secretary of State are?  Let me help you out with that:

Duties and responsibilities

The specific duties of the Secretary of State include:[6]

  • Organizes and supervises the whole community United States Department of Stateand the United States Foreign Service
  • Advises the President on matters relating to U.S. foreign policy, including the appointment of diplomatic representatives to other nations, and on the acceptance or dismissal of representatives from other nations
  • Participates in high-level negotiations with other countries, either bilaterally or as part of an international conference or organization, or appoints representatives to do so. This includes the negotiation of international treaties and other agreements
  • Responsible for overall direction, coordination, and supervision of interdepartmental activities of the U.S. Government overseas
  • Providing information and services to U.S. citizens living or traveling abroad, including providing credentials in the form of passportsand visas
  • Ensures the protection of the U.S. Government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries
  • Supervises the United States immigration policyabroad
  • Communicates issues relating the United States foreign policy to Congress and to U.S. citizens

The original duties of the Secretary of State include some domestic duties, such as:[7]

  • Receipt, publication, distribution, and preservation of the laws of the United States
  • Preparation, sealing, and recording of the commissions of Presidential appointees
  • Preparation and authentication of copies of records and authentication of copies under the Department’s seal
  • Custody of the Great Seal of the United States
  • Custody of the records of the former Secretary of the Continental Congress, except for those of the Treasury and War Departments

Now, I ask you, how many emails do you think she receives on a daily basis?  Well, me, I am only a blogger, mother, motel clerk, online shopper and hopefully in the next year, a writer and I receive on a daily basis about 56 emails a day (and that is on a good day when not everyone in all my occupations has something they want to send to me).  I imagine it probably takes her about an hour or two just go through her emails.  If that is the case, I also imagine that she doesn’t even have an hour or two to sit in one place, much less go through emails on one computer in one place *** because that is the computer that is on a secure server.

Anyone can be hacked.  Hackers have stolen medical histories, social security numbers and lot more from people.  This was through a government agency that they were able to do this.  Hackers have been able to penetrate the Target Stores.  Anyone can be hacked.  You don’t have to be the Secretary of State using a unclassified server … you can merely be Joe Blow off the street and if someone sees a reason to target you, you are a target.

So, if you expect this to be a reason I regret my early vote for Hillary Clinton, you are sadly mistaken.  I early voted on Tuesday, October 25th and I don’t regret it.  You’re going to have to do better than some email server to make me think she isn’t what we need in the Oval Office.

Media Hillary or Personal Hillary

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the Benghazi report and then I shared the blog on my Facebook page and whew, did I ever catch backlash from it.  I would say about 75% of my friends don’t approve of Hillary as President and every time I post something about her, they are so eager to speak up and let me know how they feel.  That doesn’t bother me, it really doesn’t.  If someone has something to say about something I have written, I want them to speak up.  I take feedback both positive and negative.  What bothers me is how uninformed some of them truly are.

Yesterday I tried something on my Facebook page with an expected result.  Guess what, I wasn’t disappointed.  In the Benghazi report, the report said that Hillary couldn’t be held liable for all that happened in Benghazi because there was never any clear notice of where the dangers were expected.  Sure, the military asked for help because it was imminent that danger was headed their way … but we had soldiers all through libya, it never specified a exact spot of where they were going to be hit.  Basically the report was saying it would have taken a mind reader to be able to figure out where that hit was going to be.

So, my challenge yesterday on Facebook was for any one of my friends that knew what the exact message was to tell me if it was an email, text, phone message, or fax and exactly what was the message.  The media is so clear that Hillary should have been found guilty of Benghazi and they tell you about the 4 American’s that lost their lives … but not one news report I have heard or read told exactly what form the message came in and exactly what it said.  If my friends are so well informed about how much of a danger Hillary is to our nation, then surely, someone out there has this information.  Please share it with us.

Without this information, I would assume that one can only come to one conclusion … just as the Benghazi report stated there wasn’t enough information to find Hillary guilty … you too must not find her guilty.

The media loves to get in our heads and that is their job.  They are told how to tell the story and what side they are to take in the matter.  If you don’t believe me on this, read The Michael Jackson Conspiracy by Aphrodite Jones.  She tells you about working for HLN and how HLN would tell her what angle to write her stories from.  Do you honestly think she is the only one that is told to do that?  I don’t.  Somewhere, there is a reporter that is told to turn you against Hillary with your vote and you have fallen for what that reporter trapped you in.  Why don’t you read some of Hillary’s Memoirs and make up your own mind about her.  Listen to her speeches and decide if she is what we need in the Oval Office.

Clinton vs. FBI

Hillary met with the FBI in regards to her email server. From what it appears, there may not be any charges in the accusations that have been thrown at her. We again learn that it was another ploy … more than likely by her opponents … to bringer her campaign down. I agree with her, I am glad this interview took place and we can move on. The people tried to use Benghazi to ruin her Presidential Campaign and then when they saw that was fading and nothing was going to be done, they started fighting her with her emails. Well, it looks like this too will come to pass with no charges and she will be able to fully focus on her campaign. If anything, this woman has showed me more through these storms than she probably would have otherwise. She has showed us that she can stay calm, patient, and handle trouble with dignity and honor. She never turned away from the fire and she never refused to answer the questions people threw at her.
By the way, if you think for one minute that none of the other politicians have ever answered emails from their home, you are crazy … they are more crazy about their emails than the average person because they have to know what is going on at all times. Get real people, think about the issues at hand in a reality sense … how would you respond in the same situation. Always ask yourself that. As a writer I live by my emails. If someone told me that I couldn’t answer them here or there … more than likely, I would never go to those places because I have to respond quickly to some of them or I lose the source.