In February 2013, Atlanta done a round-up of “dirty Cops”.  These cops were charged with protecting drug dealers while they done their drug deals.  What were they protecting the drug dealers from … REAL COPS.  They were protecting these scum bags in the event that an officer came down their street they were selling drugs on … they were paid to make sure that the real officers didn’t arrest them.

I was so elated when I first heard this story in the news.  Even now, 5 years later, I grit my teeth while writing about this story because of how mad it makes me.  It upsets me any time I hear an officer taking his oath for granted; but these officer push me so far beyond mad.

Between January 2006 and September 2006, I was addicted to Crack Cocaine and I only purchased my drugs in Atlanta on Freedom Parkway (the drug dealers called it “the Boulevard”).  This was exactly 42 minutes away from my home.  I done it this way because too many people in Douglasville knew me and as big as Douglasville is, it is a very small town when people talk.

One night, I went down to the Boulevard to buy some Crack and there was a cop coming down the road in the opposite direction while I was talking to the drug man.  I told the drug man to get away from my door because a cop was coming and he looked up and went back to doing business and said not to worry about it because he paid his rent that night.  Eleven years later and that remark still haunts me.   “Don’t worry about it, I paid my rent tonight”.  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  But even more devastating was what I saw.  The officer drove right past a black drug dealer at the window of a car with a white lady buying Crack Cocaine without so much as slowing down.  The drug dealer and cop nodded as he passed.  I realize that some people are reading this blog and thinking I am exaggerating when I tell you this story; but I assure you, I am not.

In August 2006, I moved to Florida and started doing my drugs there.  From September 2006 until March 2007 I lived in Florida and became even more of an addict than I was in Georgia.  In March 2007, I moved back to Georgia while my kids were on spring break from school.  I wasn’t in Georgia a week when I got arrested by a Douglas County Sheriff’s Office deputy while out searching for some drugs.  I was in jail for 29 days before going to court and being sentenced to 6-years- probation.   I tell you this for one simple reason:  if it wasn’t for being arrested, I honestly believe that I would be an addict today.  It took being arrested and losing my liberties for me to get clean and stay clean.

The whole time I was in jail, I kept thinking about that cop that drove past me doing business that night in Atlanta the year before.  I wonder if he knew what he had done that night?  I wonder if he knew how many kids he could have saved from a drug hell if he followed protocol with his job.  I knew he didn’t know about my 2 boys or me.  There was no way he could know.  Once I got sober and clean in May of 2007, I often thought about going to Atlanta and trying to figure out who that officer was and tell him what he was doing by not following protocol … but I promised myself I would never step foot where I stepped between 2006 and 2007 … I never went to try to find him.

Then I heard about this story in February 2013, 10 officers arrested for taking payoffs.  To this day I don’t know if he was one of the officers tied up in that; but I surely would like to know.  Most of these officers are still in Federal Prisons today for the crimes they committed.  They were charged with assisting in Drug Trafficking, receiving illegal payoffs, and carrying a gun in the commission of crimes.  You know what they aren’t charged with?  They aren’t charged with enabling a drug addict to remain in her drug induced hell for another year.  You know what they aren’t charged with?  They aren’t charged with causing 2 young boys to live in a drug induced abusive home for another year.  These are crimes they can’t be charged with because there are no such crimes in the books.  How do you put a price tag or a prison term on someone’s suffering of that sort?  What would that price be if you could?

I want you to know, I don’t blame this officer for my addiction.  I don’t even blame the person who introduced me to drugs for my addiction.  My addiction was my fault … no one tied my hands behind my back and forced me into an addiction … no one held a gun to my head and made me do drugs … I walked into that hellish nightmare all on my own, knowing full well what drugs can and would do to someone.  But these officers need to be held responsible for their part in this epidemic.  I plan to write each and every one of these people a letter and let them know my story.  Only they know if they were that officer on that street that night.  If they weren’t, I want them to know what they caused for someone else.  I will update this blog as I get responses … if I get any responses.



Time To Deal With North Korea

I apologize for the long break in blog posts; I hope this one makes up for it.  In the news the past couple days has been Otto Warmbier; a college student that was enticed to go to North Korea “for an experience of a lifetime”.  That was a direct quote from his Dad that gave a statement to the news agencies on Thursday.  The parents are extremely upset at North Korea and our government for what happened to their son.


Warmbier went to North Korea because there was a travel agency that lures young adults to other countries and then they are mistreated.  As Otto Warmbier was boarding the plane to leave the country when the North Korean government apprehended him and charged him with the “war crime” of stealing a banner from a church.  He was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for that crime.

Warmbier arrived home 3 days ago in a coma.  According to the North Korean government, Warbier went into this coma soon after being sentenced.  Not one time was he allowed to go home for medical reasons.  The government nor the penial institution would inform his family of his medical state.  His family found out last week the condition that he was in.  Warmbier has been in a coma for 15 months and no one bothered to inform the family.

Our government was telling the parents to “lay low” and “be quiet” because “we don’t want to upset the North Korean government.

Ok, I have a problem with this!!!  “LAY LOW” “BE QUIET” “DON’T UPSET NORTH KOREA”!!!  Really? If this was the only thing that North Korea was doing that might need addressing, then that would be one thing … but it isn’t.  It is time that the American Government and People start taking a stand and letting North Korea know that we are not going to tolerate any more of their shenanigans.

In 2017 alone, North Korea has shot off 16 missiles that we know of.  In 2016, the year that Warmbier was arrested and sentenced, they shot off 8 missiles.  Over and over again, if you Google it, the America has warned North Korea to stop setting off missiles and yet they keep doing it.  Warmbier was arrested in March 2016 and in August 2016 North Korea set of a missile that could have reached the US if they so wanted.  Could this be why Warmbier’s family needed to “LAY LOW” or “BE QUIET”?  Why was this necessary.  If we were making moves to turn this around and bring Warmbier home, then I could understand such actions.  However, I don’t think that was it at all.  I think they needed to be quiet because we were likely to get bombed by them.  I know, listen, my family and I live here too.  I don’t want to be bombed any more than the next person, but when one of our people are captured, we don’t “lay low” either.  We go in as one to get them.

Grant it, we finally got Warmbier home, but I would like to know exactly who brought him home and how long did they actually work on doing so?  I agree with Warmbier’s Dad, “North Korea does nothing out of the goodness of their hearts”.  With that being known, it had to be someone else who convinced them to let him go.  With North Korea doing nothing good at any time, that means someone had to be talking to them.  I want to know how many times they were talked to and I want to know the extent of the conversation.  I want to know when those conversations started and how long they lasted and in what form they were in?  Is this too nosey?  I don’t think so.  We are talking about a country that has repeatedly refused to adhere to our warnings to stop firing missiles and I know they got those warnings because the news was always so proud to report when they launched one and what our response was … which usually amounted to nothing more than a hand over our mouth while saying “oh no you didn’t”.  It was time to act then and it has been time to act for a while.  When do we take our country serious again?  When do we do like Toby Keith says and “fight when you rattle our cage”.

Shout out to Trump, you want to make “America Great Again”, start with North Korea and get your mind of the Russian Probe … “matter”.  Isn’t that what you want it to be called … a matter?  Well, get off the “matter” and start focusing on real President stuff.  Yes, I hope you are impeached at the end, but for now, you are all we have that can take care of North Korea.  Show us your muscle and quit talking about it.